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Partybets Review

Partybets are a relatively new betting site. Some of you will be familiar with Party Poker and PartyBets is one of the areas of their company: Partygaming. The magnitude of their reputation and their millions of members make them a massive global company which is ever expanding.

Partybets are very unique. Its main focus is on football but to say their coverage and market offers are diverse is an understatement. You are able to bet on all the major football leagues in the world but you will also find markets for the less globally popular leagues such as those in Israel or Africa. The major leagues do tend to have a large variety of markets in comparison however.

If you are interested in betting on other sports then Partybets is likely not to disappoint. They cover markets on sports that are popular all over the World: volleyball, golf, handball, pool, boxing, baseball, horse racing, just to name a few.

Partybets have joined in with the popular live betting service. However, Partybets offer a live stream for some sports. Not the most conventionally popular such as badminton, but a great niche considering you can bet on a sport and watch it whilst rooting for a winner, outcome or occurrence. Further added services include: statistics, community boards for users and latest sports news at InfoWorld.

The website is a pleasure to use. Little extras crop up from page to page that contain tips and little instant games you can play such as blackjack. Partybets have devised a site that is fun to navigate through and is extremely easy to use. The security software they have on their site is excellent and ensures a safe environment for their users.

If you decide you like the sound of Partybets and sign up, look out for the free bonuses you receive time to time. Partysbets randomly give their customers free cash! This may appear in your email or just in your account. They also frequently offer other bonuses such as a percentage add on of your next deposit i.e. 10% of your next deposit will be added to your funds.

Unfortunately USA citizens are restricted to joining any of the Party Gaming networks but  citizens most of the other countries are able too.

The promotion is as follows: sign up and desposit $25 dollars and get $25 dollars to bet with.

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