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Betfair Review

Betfair is an English company which has recently become the biggest internet betting exchange in the World. They already have in the excess of 4 million customers Worldwide and this is rapidly increasing. Their popularity is clearly understandable due to their offer of the best available odds amongst their competitors in general.

Being a betting exchange makes Betfair have uniqueness about their services; you bet against other punters not against a bookie. Therefore as part of the service you can request your own minimum odds, if your price is not met you get a refund back in full! If you are unhappy with your current bet you are able to potentially swap or even trade the bet. You can also put ‘lay’ bets on; this is the opposite of backing a bet e.g. you can back against a horse winning which is an excellent concept of gambling and adds great diversity to the Betfair service.

Betfair claims that: on average their betting markets are 20% better in terms of the odds they offer. Best Betting Promotions have analysed this claim and have generally found that Betfair are correct in their claim. It is important to note however, that Betfair takes 5% of all winning bets as commission, if you are a frequent user the commission can go to as low as 2%.

Betfair cover a mass amount of different markets that punters are able to bet on, a great deal of them you can bet in-live play too. There are the typical sporting events we see on from traditional bookmakers but they extend further to the less conventional sports people tend to bet on then thus offering a diverse service. Betfair also allows users to bet on non-sporting events such as the winners (or you lay against) of reality TV shows or the next politician in power.

One minor criticism we have of Betfair is their site is unconventional in its layout. It is however uncomplicated. Betfair does however offer video tutorials from which you have the option to view when you first sign up to their site. These videos explain how to use the site and also explain the concepts of the betting systems you can use so we recommend to you go through the videos should you decide to sign up. If you encounter anymore problems customer support is always at hand.

The promotion from Betfair is excellent simply because you don’t risk any money and get a free 25.00 bet. First of all you simply register your details; you simply deposit 25.00 of your currency e.g. £25.00 and then place the 25.00 on any bet of your choice. If the bet win’s you are in the money, if it loses you get your money back within 48 hours. It is a free opportunity to test Betfair’s site and their variety of services.

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